La Falaise Qui Rougit has selected Norman producers who take care of the land with desire and passion. Local products, raised, cultivated, fished with respect. Respect for the land, but also respect for the Norman seasons to make the colours of nature speak, while respecting its tempo. A Norman savoir-faire which produces exceptional, authentic, good and tasty products.

Land of agriculture and gastronomy, Normandy is at the heart of their approach. With reputed specialties and many labels (AOC, AOP, IGP), their products are pure delicacies when they are the work of authentic producers and artisans.

Their desire is to favour local food by limiting transport and stimulating the local economic fabric in a more inclusive manner.

But also to unite around a friendly meal, healthier for the planet and for the people.

Their pretty artisanal jars do not contain any preservatives, artificial flavours or colours. By offering these products for aperitifs, they express their wish to reconnect consumers with their food. A diet of pleasure and conviviality, also in a more sustainable way.