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Voulez-Vous ? is an invitation to sit down with your friends and enjoy an apéritif – or l’apéro as we like to call it – around delicious, easy-to-eat products.


Special moments like these back in the south of France – gathered around the garden table under the sun, digging into a can of pâté or tapenade and generously spreading it onto a nice slice of bread, while listening to the laughter of our beloved – are why we decided to select a range of incredibly flavoursome products to recreate this atmosphere.


To give you the best, we are collaborating with small independent producers who are passionate about their raw products, and who uphold crafts and traditions which, for most, have been in their families for generations.


Each producer has wonderful stories to tell about their products. While their dedication is at times challenged due to variable seasons and crops, or their raw material being less abundant, it is the price for quality. What we can offer will depend on these imponderables, and that is simply the way it should be. Let nature do its work.


We hope this is the start of a very long and heartfelt adventure!

- Florent & Christophe, founders of Voulez-Vous AS

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