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A century-old know-how steeped in traditional techniques.

Pierre Bruna was the family’s first soapmaker. Today, over a century later, Serge Bruna, a Master Soapmaker of Marseille, and his wife Laurence are carrying on the family soapmaking tradition in the workshop located at Cours Julien - a short walk from the Vieux-Port and la Canebière.

They manufacture a wide range of Marseille soap products that are enjoyed by their many customers across the globe.

Savonnerie de la Licorne soaps are made from 100% pure vegetable oils. The production process involves passing raw soap through granite rollers to give it a super-fine gentleness. Next, a mixer is used to add the special ingredients needed for fragrances and special properties, such as honey, essential oils, lavender, rose and orange blossom. Lastly, the scented, coloured soap gets stamped and moulded into a wide range of shapes – often according to a customer’s special request. 

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