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The sweetness of butternut squash is enhanced by the flavor of lemon verbena (an aromatic plant) whose fresh and delicate taste is reminiscent of citrus herbal teas.

On a small slice of gingerbread, place a spoonful of butternut & lemon verbena spread, a piece of foie gras and a pinch of fleur de sel!



Butternut squash * (93%), sunflower oil *, lemon verbena * (0.1%), pepper *, Guérande salt.

*Organic farming in France - Certified by FR-BIO-13

Conservation tips:
You will appreciate its taste qualities even more after being refrigerated.
Store at room temperature before opening. After opening, keep in a cool place and consume within 3 days.

BOCALERIE DES GOURMETS - Butternut squash, lemon verbena - 110g

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