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Few available ones only!

The family of vintages is expanding with a limited edition 2021 vintage imagined by Vendée illustrator Justine Sage. A sensitive and poetic artist with a colorful universe, Justine instilles life into Grand Nicolas, a fisherman in love with the ocean and its resources. Concerned about preserving this beautiful universe with its fragile balance, he patiently watches over the corals, fish and other marine riches. In the distance, the Joséphine Tower - the emblematic lighthouse of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie - can be seen, proudly reminding them of their local belonging.

Delicious melting sardines, caught locally and at the heart of the season. Covered with extra virgin olive oil, they can be preserved and softened for up to 10 years after packaging. We also advise you to let them age for at least 3 to 4 years before tasting them. Their warm, buttery notes will be even more pronounced and you will no longer feel the edge.

LA PERLE DES DIEUX - Sardines 2021 Millesime / Justine Sage - 115g

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